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Heading the Senate's strongest Nordic competition in chess that has taken place
Fridrik Olafsson tournament held in this country for the first time in Autumn • It is expected metþátttöku
Seventh Nordic competition elders in chess will be the first time in Iceland in September. Fridrik Olafsson Stórmeistarinn has signed up to play along with other great masters of chess as Yrjo Rantanen and Heikki Westerinen. Already, 33 true dog [45 of 22 July] signed up to play and all the indications are that the record will be entered as a set in Fredrikstad in 2001, is 46 true dog involved.

The first Nordic competition elders was held in Karlstad in Sweden in 1999 but since then the tournament has been held every two years. Iceland has never opposed a crowd and have the most players from Iceland 1-2 vote, according to Gunnar Björnsson, Chairman Skáksambands Bank. "There has been lively at the Senate position in chess in Iceland and there are several active clubs elders in chess, both in Reykjavik and Hafnarfjordur, but the ratio is very unfavorable for women because only men have signed up for the tournament which will be maintained for about two months, "says Gunnar.
Frederick probably led
"It is exceptionally strong, true dog who wish to participate now and a lot more good than has often been," says Gunnar. "Iceland has so far not found in the top row of the Nordic Championships. This is an opportunity for people to play chess with peers their from Scandinavia, "says Gunnar.

"I signed up but it is a question whether the time pass, I still expect," said Fridrik Olafsson, the chess grandmaster, 76 years old. He says he signed up for the challenge has been to him and also because this For the first time the tournament is held in Iceland and the more options he could have. "I seem to be led by the participants," says Frederick.

Frederick has in recent years carried out their interests, like travel, music, hiking and more. He has traveled extensively with liners that he considers to be a very convenient transportation. He has also worked to document the 50-year chess career and expects to give the work out when it has been completed. "Yes, I am excited to join, it's always fun to play chess if one is now pretty lazy with it but I've only watched. One needs a lot of power at stake, enthusiasm and determination. One is no longer twenty years, "said Frederick, who has little stakes in the copyright in recent years." I expect that I recall only a mannganginn and examine what has been happening to train up the thought, there is a certain routine to brain cells in motion. You never forget it now that it has done fairly, "said Frederick eventually.
The above article appeared in the 15th Morgunbladid July. and here courtesy and journalist (Mary Elizabeth pallet).

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