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Chess Quiz 2011

Question 1

For a long time, GM Kiril Georgiev has been one of the strongest player in Bulgaria.

However, in the 2002 Olympiad he didn’t represent Bulgaria, but instead played for a different country. Which country did he play for?

Question 2

Nona Gaprindashvili was the first female player to obtain the Grand Master title, but that was by a special decision by FIDE.

Who was the first female player to qualify for the GM title trough tournament play?

Question 3

Friedrich Sämisch was a winner of several strong tournaments during the 1920’s and also the founder of two opening variations. Were was he from?

Question 4

The AVRO Tournament, held in various cities in the Netherlands is believed to be one of the strongest tournament of all times. It was held in 1938 and included Alekhine, Botvinnik,Capablanca, Euwe, Fine, Flohr, Keres and Reshevsky.

What two players topped the table with 8,5/14?

Question 5

This rather strange position occurred after 44 moves in a game between Morozevich and Vachier Lagrave in the 2009 Biel tournament.

From what opening variation was this game played?

Question 6

Vassily Ivanchuk was the winner of the recent Gibraltar Chess Festival.

What was his winning score?

Question 7

In 1961 Botvinnik played his 6th WC match when he beat Mikhail Tal 13‐8 to regain the highest trophy in chess. What was his score in WC matches after this match, plus score, even steven or minus score?

Question 8

Which player has played the most Chess Olympiads, playing the most games over the most decades?

Question 9

In the famous novel by Stefan Zweig The Royal Game, we meet the World Champion Czentovic. He is more or less described as an idiot with a gift for chess.

What is his first name?

Question 10

The open leder sent by Arkadij Naiditsch before the last Olympiad in Khanty‐Mansyisk catched the adention of many chess enthusiastics. In it, Naiditsch expressed his views on various important persons in German chesslife, including the national coach and the black tea the coach is apparently very good at making.

What is the name of the coach?

Question 11


This song has the interesting name, Kotov syndrome.

What is the Kotov syndrome?

Question 12

What opening has the ECO code B10‐B19?

Question 13

From what game is this famous final position?

Question 14

She was born as Olga Evgenyevna Chubarova and died on 24th April 1994 as Olga Clark. She was married four times, first to an Russian soldier, then to a famous chess player and after that to an Olympic gold winner and finally to an American war hero. This famous chess player was the king and he was the best at chess and very good at tennis, bridge and billiard just to name few other sports. He had one great rival that he told her he hated and when she met this rival she talked to him in both French and Russian, before the conversation ended in a bider wrath.

Who was the second husband of Olga Evgenyevna?

Question 15

What team was the winner of the 2009 European Team Chess Championship in Novi Sad?

Question 16

GM Lev Alburt is a household name in the chessworld. He has been living in the US for many years and apart from playing chess he is famous for his writings.

From what ex Soviet Union country is he originally?

Questions 17‐18

Who are these 4 chessplayers?

Question 19

In the 2000 Brain Games World Championship between Kasparov and Kramnik only two games ended with a win. In what openings did Kramnik manage to beat Kasparov in this match?

Question 20

This chessplayer was one of the strongest players of the Soviet Union at his time. He became Soviet Champion two times, but despite that he didn’t receive any stipend for playing chess and couldn’t travel. In 1937 he drew a match against Botvinnik and the same year he became Soviet Champion for the second time. Still he didn’t get permission to travel abroad for tournaments such as AVRO 1938 despite being the reigning Soviet Champion. He was a friend of Alekhine, but in later years they never met because Alekhine couldn’t enter his old homeland.

Who was this chessplayer?

Question 21

Gata Kamsky is the current US Champion.

How often has he won the title?

Question 22

In the middle of the 18th century Howard Staunton was one of the strongest player in the world and, among other things, inventor of the Staunton pieces. He also invented the Staunton Gambit, what gambit is that?

Question 23

What Grand Master is playing under the name Yardbird on the ICC?

Question 24

Despite being only 20 years old Magnus Carlsen has been a regular guest at the super tournaments for some years now. When did he play in the a‐group of the prestigious Wij aan Zee tournament for the first time?

Question 25

After his elimination from the early stages of the 2009 World Cup tournament, Vassily Ivanchuk talked about professional suicide and said he would quit as a professional chess player. Soon he changed his decision and now he is playing like ever before.

Who eliminated Ivanchuk in this tournament?

Question 26

The Chess Oscar is a recognized award given to the best chess player every year. It was awarded for the first time back in 1967.

Who was the first chess player to receive it?

Question 27

After Boris Spassky lost the World Champion title against Bobby Fischer in 1972 he tried to win it back again in the candidates matches but got knocked out in the semi‐finals in 1974.

Who beat him?

Question 28

For over a decade some of the strongest female players in the world have come from China. How many women’s World Champions has China had?

Question 29

The Karpov‐Kasparov match from 1984 is known to be the longest World Championship match ever, lasting 48 games before it got stopped.

What is the second longest match in the history of World Championship matches and were was it played ?

Question 30

What is this mating position called?


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